Version's History

The timeline of logtrino development, milestone and version.

  • Version 1.4.2

    Verified profile: We proceed the fact-checking to our users registered on our website and verify that if the information provided in the profile is valid. We verify the profiles to ensure our users that they're communicating with the real person rather than the fake one and to build the trust between the members.

    The members who have done verification by us will be identified by a badge in their profile. The verified members would also be listed first before the unverified members in our translators and agencies directory.

    Save profile: A new feature that will help our users to save the profile link of the other members. So, our users will be able to look after the members whenever they need to communicate without searching throught directory. All saved profiles will be accessed easily via the 'Saved items' link from the main menu when they're logged in.

    Profile message: Our members can now send the message directly each other by visiting to a corresponding profile page.

  • Version 1.4.1

    Profile: The freelance translators can now add their education information as multiple entities. The education entity contains the following meta information:

    • Degree name: The degree name that the profile ower is holding.
    • Start year: The year that the profile owner started his graduation.
    • Start year: The year that the profile owner completed or ended his graduation.
    • Description: A brief details about the graduation, degree or diploma.

    Contact information: The members can now add their profile URL to the contact section in their profile.

  • Version 1.4.0

    Project: The project can now re-open again if it's closed. This will give an option to you to change the status of project in case you mistakenly closed it. When you closed the project, all tasks inside the project will be closed as well by changing the status to 'Closed'. This gives you a better user experience and you do not need to change the status of each task when closing the project.

    Job: As soon as you accepted a task of your translation job, your job and the task status will change to 'Assigned' and you'll not be able to edit the specification of the job and the task. You'll be able to edit the specification of the other tasks if they're not assigned to any service provider.

    Order items: We now generate the order items for your translation task when you accepted the bid. It contains the order information about the bid you've accepted. It'll help to view a brief financial information about your service task.

    As of a translation job, you'll only have one order item per service task that will be generated automatically upon the acceptance of the bid from your service providers. As of the translation project, you can create order item yourself and edit and delete anytime you want to.

    Profile: We made some changes to the LSP profiles to provide better information to share with other members. The company size of LSP now set to start from '1-5' instead of '2-5' which helps the small LSP running by a single person to specify this information correctly. So, if you're an LSP and run alone by yourself, please update your company information in your profile.

    We've also done major improvements and optimizations for our user interfaces and some core features. Please log in and explore by yourself. If you don't have an account, please register an account here.

  • Version 1.3.1

    Production start and delivery date in service task: The task of job and project now have it's own production start date and delivery deadline date. It'll help to specify the different date for each tasks within the job and project. If the task doesn't set particular date for it's production start and delivery deadline, then it'll use from the job or project that belongs to.

    More options for controlling the task status and workflow: Our project management tool now offers more options to control the status and workflow of the task for the translation project. In earlier version, the task within a translation project have only two status: Open and Closed. And it cannot be changed back to Open once it has changed to Closed. We offer now more status for task within the project like translation job for the users to have better experiences for their task management. The task have the following status:

    • Open
    • In progress
    • Delivered
    • Completed
    • Closed

    The status can be transformed as following:

    • Open to any status
    • In progress to Delivered, Completed, Closed
    • Delivered to Completed, Closed
    • Completed to Closed, Open
    • Closed to Open

    Project manager information in the service task: The service task now contains a specific information about the project manager. This information contains the name and e-mail address of the project manager. This is available for the tasks within both the translation job and the project. It helps to specify who to contact directly for the issues regarding the translation job and project. This information will be public and can be visible to everyone when posting as a job. When it's posted as a project, this will not be visible to public same as the project cannot be visible to public.

  • Version 1.2.0

    The settings UI have been integrated where the user can manage their account and preferences. The settings UI helps the user to update their password, email addresses and personal preferences. To explore what kind of options are available, you can go through Settings from the drop-down menu below your profile picture at the top right corner of the page.

    The company account can now add one more user to associate with their account by upgrading the account and subscribe to Business Pro plan. Currently, we only offer only 2 users for the company account. To upgrade account, simply go to Settings page and click Subscription tab.

    The company accounts are no longer support to use our project manage tool with free subscription plan. We allow to use our project management tool only for the members with subscription. The freelancers are free to use this project management tool as before without subscription plan.

    We've improved a lot of things with file management in the job and project. We allow the user to attach the file with specific role which helps our translators and service providers to indicate the importance of the attached files in their job and project. We offer the user to upload with the following roles:

    • Order slip
    • Non-disclosure agreement
    • Reference
    • Style guide
    • Terminology
    • Translation memory
    • Source file

    We made some improvements to our UI and optimizations to deliver the usability and better user experiences.

  • Version 1.1.0

    The LSP member can now add the photo for the contact person. The photo will be displayed in 64x64 px size when showing the contact persons. The translators and language service providers (LSP) can now send the message directly to the specific contact person through logtrino.

    We've changed the terminologies, labels and descriptions that we used in the job form, and profile page. And as a minor UI change, you'll see the close button in the dialog boxes that appeared occasionally.

    Profile: The user will need to add at least one service and field of expertise in order to add the language pairs. This helps to ensure that every translators and service providers offering the language pairs for relevant service and field of expertise. And the client will have more reliable information about the translators and service provider they're looking for.

    Now, the service provider members will need to enter the correct numbers of employee respecting their company size they described in their profiles. Example: if an LSP describes that it's company size is 2-5 employees, then the total numbers of the employee must be between 2-5.

  • Version 1.0

    The first and beta version was released.